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Cricket is a sport that's been around for very long. And it's now a very popular sport played in more than a hundred countries and is older than football (soccer). these Although some people can say that the game is complex and boring and slow, it according to me isn't. That game is very much like baseball but different in it's sense. Cricket is a wonderful sport game played between 2 groups of eleven players. There are many variations of the sport played around the world being indoor cricket and French cricket, and all kinds of PC games that have been themed on cricket. I enjoy the game because it's being lovely and quite quick. I use every occasion to watch a cricket match. There are a lot of cricket fans in the country where I live, which is actually India. Many teams are in each small town. Players of all ages train every day to get better at playing the great game of cricket. When there is a cricket game, it is like a holiday. You can enjoy cricket game and share your achievement with other people.

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