Congruency with the Alpha-Male Mindset, while utilizing pheromone spray, to Ascend the social ladder 91

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Become the Alpha-Male, walk like you own the world, standout, no fear, be in the now. These are all the current buzzwords we are bombarded with daily in our emails, magazine advertisements and every self-proclaimed male dating guru who promises to get you laid or your money back!

There are countless props, tricks and gimmicks we all use to our advantage to elevate ourselves up the social ladder and with good reason. The bigger our social circle the more chances we have at fun, dating, even our success is directly linked to it. Some men use paecocking, new clothing, we teach ourselves psychology, workout, we do whatever we believe will improve our chances of ascending the social ladder. The real question though is, if every guy is taking the same steps as you are, what gives you any advantage? It's a conundrum we all face and yet there are males who still accomplish what they set out to achieve.

They are recognized as the Leaders of the group and its the status we desire for ourselves, but how? You will be amazed to know you already possess what it takes. There are no secrets and no books to read. A simple formula that can ensure your success if you follow it.

In the animal kingdom it is a scientific fact that animals are attracted to one-another through scent, also known as pheromones. The biggest and baddest is the Alpha-male whose duty is to impregnate the females to keep his lineage alive. He fights anyone who opposes his rule, sometimes to the death. Those ostracized or ejected by the pride find themselves fighting for their very survival.

Before you do anything ask yourself these 2 simple questions, which will guide your life: Is this taking me closer to my goal or further away? Am I leaving this person or group with less or more value than when I first met them? If you have feelings of regret or guilt, more than likely you moved further away from your goal and you borrowed value from someone else to elevate yourself.

The good news is we all make mistakes. Did you know that the Apollo mission to the moon failed its way there? It made perpetual corrections in its course to arrive at its lunar orbit safely. That's what makes the difference between those who succeed and those who don't. The only time a person can truly fail is when they give up. There's an old saying that if you aim for the moon and miss you might hit a star instead.

Pheromone Spraylike Ascend-XS pheromone spray and oil can make all the difference in your life! Look at it this way, you are either in the driver seat of your rocket-ship or someone else is. With the right pheromones, the right mindset, you have all the tools you will need to be recognized as the alpha male. When you believe in yourself than others will believe in you too. Its the perfect compliment to any man's repertoire.

A good rule of thumb to remember with Pheromone Sprays, like Ascend, is that you don't have to pretend you are something you are not for it to work. There are many mantras that tell you to fake it until you make or act like somebody else, but that's like telling a shy guy to pretend that he's talkative. It would defeat the purpose if you already have to be the person you are looking to build up and create. I cannot fake fear anymore than I can fake confidence. Its a bunk idea that is designed by marketers to sell something.

You are probably asking yourself right about now what you can do to get the results you want and deserve? Another step you must take to discover your confidence is to love yourself completely, including all your faults. A confident person is comfortable with who they are If you are shy you must wholly accept it and be okay with it. To many men, with the best of intentions, say they are going to change their lives, change this or that and become a changed man. This speaks quite a lot about their state of mind.

When you love yourself, when you absolutely adore everything about yourself, including your quirks, you consequently also adore and love everything you want to change. Not because some part of you is in the minus area, but because some part of you has transformed and "naturally" progressed to the next level. The level though is not any better than the last because it is merely an internal shift. Ascend pheromone spray gives you the advantage over the other guys when opportunity presents itself. The opportunity is banging on the door, all you have to do is answer it.

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