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Cricket is a kind of sport that's been around for centuries. And it's now a very popular sport played in dozens of countries and is older than soccer. these Although some people say that game is not easy to follow and boring and not fast at all, it honestly isn't. That game reminds of baseball but different in a sense. Cricket is a wonderful sport game played with two groups of eleven players. There are numerous variations of this famous sport played on the planet including Kwik and French cricket, and all kinds of board games that are inspired by cricket. I enjoy the game because it's being addicting and very quick. I use each chance to watch a cricket match. There are thousands of cricket fans in the land where I live, which is in fact Pakistan. A lot of teams are in each small village. Players of all ages train each and every day to get better at playing cricket. When there is another match, it is like a celebration. You can play online cricket games and share your achievement with other people.

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