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amazingly light, improved smile you've forever desired has never been more effortless; now there are several different tooth whitening products widely accessible, some of which can additionally be completed comfortably in your home. But, not every tooth whitening solution will supply equivalent effects. The process and system you opt for will change the severity and the permanence of its effects, as well as the time in which it takes to obtain the best-looking smile. Enlighten is the technology leader in expert teeth whitening, supplying treatments with among the most dependable and rapid lightening effects on the market. 

Here we'll take you through the different Enlighten treatments available in more detail, and why Enlighten has been declared as the largest advancement in tooth whitening during the last 15 years.

How is Enlighten different?

Enlighten is a research laboratory located in the USA, well-recognised for its thorough range of tooth whitening products for both in-practice and at-home application. The laboratory is skilled in manufacturing teeth whitening treatments with varying strengths and ways of application, that are proven to perform consistently well up against the competition.

The reason Enlighten teeth whitening stands out is its use of modern technology to deliver the best effects bespoke for the individual, along with assuring utmost comfort and safety. Home bleaching sets or teeth whitening not given or carried out by a registered dental professional, won't deliver the same whitening results and may present a risk to your teeth's health. Enlighten uses safe, proven whitening techniques which are utilised and advocated by dental professionals worldwide.

Here's why it's the preferred system for professional teeth whitening:

• Enlighten is the single system in the world to make certain that your teeth can be lightened to a �VITA Shade B1', the whitest shade on a normal dentist shade guide. It can readily and safely lighten teeth by anywhere up to 16 shades, helping patients to benefit from a dazzling smile regardless of their age, way of living or the starting colour of their teeth.

• Enlighten produces results quicker than other systems, in just 2 - 4 weeks from onset of treatment.

• There are no dietary alterations necessary for the solution, rendering it a stress-free, much easier choice.

• Patients will encounter minimum soreness and sensitivity and will be given an anti-sensitivity serum to help reduce discomfort.

• Enlighten works by using tailor-made whitening trays in order that the best possible results may be accomplished for each patient. For example, an increased reservoir may be built in for darker teeth.

Exactly what does Enlighten tooth whitening entail?

Treatments include a home Enlighten kit, or a home kit with an in-practice booster, depending on the outcome you'd like to attain. The home kit by itself allows for a gradual, gentle and efficient whitening, and with the further booster treatment, Enlighten will give you a guaranteed lifetime whiter smile. Compared to other systems, Enlighten tooth whitening offers a total solution, with custom trays, a tooth serum and sensitivity gel, to truly improve the new smile you'll be thrilled to display.

You can find out more here about Enlighten® teeth whitening at Riverside Dental Spa.

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