The Advantages of Ad-Hoc IT and Network Consultancy for Small Enterprises 16

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For quite a few smaller companies, from single man endeavors to small family-based businesses, IT consultancy specifications are usually minimal. For freelancers or self-employed people, quite often, their business IT infrastructure will comprise of little more than:

• An internet phone line and connection • A computer • A smartphone and possibly another portable device such as a tablet.

With good reason, it is uncommon that this sort of small operation will be needing the assistance of an IT support provider very often.

When there's not really a regular need for business IT support, it's not always the most suitable use of money to outsource IT to a different company on a monthly contracted basis. Though for larger firms, outsourcing IT support to specialists instead of applying an in-house IT department can help them to spare a substantial amount of money, for small business, if they don't need frequent services every month, contracting out IT support could be money thrown away.

However, whilst spending a set sum monthly to an IT support company might be wasted money, being without IT support or consultation in any way could be much more destructive. For many smaller businesses, freelancers and self-employed persons, the ideally suited resolution to their IT needs is normally get in touch with an IT company that supplies IT and network consultancy on a no-fix, no-fee premise.

More often than not, a small business's IT and network needs are also small. This is not to necessarily mean that they don't need professional help help}; these requirements may include straightforward tasks and configuring emails on a tablet or mobile phone, through to bigger work including advising on and installing new software over a business's network. In this instance, instead of delaying mending glitches, or trying to carry out substantial and challenging tasks themselves, small companies can call in the professionals for ad-hoc consultancy.

If you find that you are spending too much for business IT support that you don't actually need, it could be worth looking into hiring IT support on an ad-hoc consultancy basis. While monthly charges can be pretty affordable for enterprises with a bigger budget and a significant network to look after, for anybody from a one man band, up to 10 or so staff, it makes more sense to only pay for whenever IT support work is truly needed.

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